Moisture Barrier Installation
for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Advanced Environmental Services offers the application of several types of seamless liquid moisture barrier products. These products are typically applied over a concrete floor and under the flooring surface to prevent moisture penetration. These moisture barriers can be applied under nearly any flooring surface including sheet vinyl, tile, carpet, and hardwood floors. Liquid moisture barrier application is commonly used in commercial and residential settings to prevent water vapor intrusion under coolers, under floor tiles, during fast track construction jobs, and for construction projects performed in wet weather. Our liquid moisture barrier will prevent vapor from penetrating the flooring reducing the risk for future problems and mold growth.

Moisture Barrier Application Services
Professional Moisture Barrier Installation

Our Moisture Barrier Product

At Advanced Environmental Services, we use only reliable 2-component, liquid epoxy coating moisture barriers developed to be applied over concrete floors. These products are manufactured by trusted building and adhesive companies. Main features and benefits of these liquid moisture barrier products include:

  • Ability to treat 25 lb. MVER – 100% humidity concrete
  • Effective vapor transmission reduction to near zero
  • Easy and quick installation process
  • Zero VOC rating, which contributes to LEED / GREEN building
  • Compatibility with most floor covering surfaces
  • Available manufacturer's 10 year guarantee

Moisture Barrier Installation Process

Our liquid moisture barrier product provides an impenetrable surface that reduces vapor transmission to near zero. Advanced Environmental Services can install this product in a variety of buildings throughout St. Louis, St. Charles, and Columbia, Missouri, including in:

  • Industrial Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Residential Buildings

Moisture barrier installation typically occurs during new construction, renovation, or restoration projects. The application of our liquid moisture barrier over concrete floors will create a vapor barrier for years to come, therefore, preventing future mold or moisture problems. Using a moisture barrier between the concrete and flooring is ideal for jobs with little downtime and when you cannot wait for the concrete to cure. This product can be applied over dry or damp surfaces including even 5-day old concrete. If you are interested in our liquid moisture barrier application for your new construction or an existing building, contact Advanced Environmental Services for a free estimate and to learn if our moisture barrier installation services are right for you.

Preparation for Moisture Barrier Installation

Prior to installing our liquid moisture barrier product on any floor area, the area must be tested. We offer calcium chloride testing and relative humidity testing to determine the moisture content of each concrete slab that is set to receive moisture barrier application. These tests distinguish the vapor transmission rate (MVER) in order to determine whether moisture barrier installation is necessary and to ensure that the application is successful. After testing, the surfaces that will receive the moisture barrier application should be cleaned and determined to be sound, solid, and absorptive. Cleaning concrete floors can be done with a pressure washer or damp mop, followed by a thorough vacuuming. Proper surface preparation ensures that the moisture barrier will seal properly, preventing moisture penetration.

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