Mold Remediation Costs
Factors That Contribute to the Cost of Mold Removal

Mold remediation costs will vary from project to project. However, overall the factors that contribute to mold remediation costs typically remain constant from project to project. Mold remediation costs for both commercial and residential projects generally include performing a mold inspection, determining the source of mold problems, and removing any mold contaminated materials. If you have recently found mold problems in your home or commercial building, learn more about mold remediation costs below or contact Advanced Environmental Services for information on our mold remediation services and costs.

Mold Remediation Costs
Costs of Mold Remediation for Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Buildings

What is Included in Mold Remediation Costs

Because effective mold remediation requires a complete process, there are a number of steps included in any commercial or residential project’s mold remediation costs. For example, because mold spreads through the release of airborne mold spores, it can be difficult to completely eliminate a mold problem without taking the necessary steps. The following are the main mold removal steps that the professionals from Advanced Environmental Services use, which will contribute to your overall mold remediation costs. By skipping any of these crucial mold remediation steps, the mold removal process will be incomplete resulting in ongoing health problems or the return of mold contamination.

Steps included in the mold remediation process are:

  • Finding mold in a mold inspection: A mold inspection will determine the extent of the mold problem and locate all of the areas where mold is a problem within a building. This is the beginning of the mold remediation process as it provides a deeper understanding of the mold problem and allows the mold remediation company to begin assessing possible causes or problem areas.
  • Determining the cause of the mold and moisture problems: Before beginning any mold removal project, it is important to determine the main cause of the mold problems. Mold requires moisture to grow, and therefore, without determining the cause of the problems, mold can quickly return following mold remediation.
  • Drying wet areas and solving water leakage problems: This step is well worth the mold remediation costs because solving problems that lead to the growth of mold will prevent the reoccurrence of mold problems in the future.
  • Killing and removing mold: Professional mold remediation costs typically include the use of specialized mold remediation equipment and cleaners that will kill any existing mold. However, because mold can still cause health problems when it is dead, it is important to remove any mold and mold contaminated materials during mold remediation.
  • Replacing mold contaminated materials: The final step contributing to mold remediation costs is the removal, replacement, and repair of any materials contaminated or destroyed by mold. Mold can cause serious structural damage if left untreated for long periods of time. This portion of the mold remediation costs will vary depending on the amount of materials damaged and the extent of structural damage, if any exists.

Is Professional Mold Remediation Worth the Costs

For many homeowners and commercial building owners, professional mold remediation costs are well worth the expense. Professional mold remediation can reduce the hassle of do-it-yourself mold removal for homeowners. Additionally, with professional mold remediation, you can be sure that the job is done right. Professional mold remediation addresses both the mold contamination and the issues causing this mold, ensuring long term results. Finally, because mold spreads when disturbed, using a professional mold remediation company will help to ensure mold spores are properly contained reducing the risk for health issues and future mold problems. As a result, many individuals believe that professional mold remediation costs are well worth the expense because of the risks reduced and the benefits received from using a professional.

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